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Kissing in Tongues

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So this is the end of Volume 1 of 13 Seconds
August 27th, 2006

It seems fitting that 13 years after I first penned 13 Seconds, I am ending it. Well, I don't know that ending is the right word. It's certainly going to sleep for a while. With the end of this volume, volume 1, I intend to take an indefinite break from this particular set of characters and move on to some other comic ideas that I have had as well as some other collaborative projects.

What other projects, you might ask? Well, I do hope to continue working on Gossamer Commons. I do not, however, have any control over that comic's current hiatus. The project I'm most excited about is a comic that comes from the minds of two very talented writers, David Milloway and Matthew Wood.

As I've mentioned before, Milloway and Wood currently write a comic called The Dada Detective that I enjoy quite a bit. They've asked me to breath visual life into a project called "Unreal City Tales" and this comic has a lot of depth and humour and intrigue.

So when will you see more comics from me? Soon, I hope. As I'm no longer working on 13 Seconds, I am free to work on any of the three other projects I have going right now but Unreal City is the current number one priority.

Special Note: I've received requests to make prints of last week's comic. I am prepared to make a batch of prints of that particular comic, in full colour and on card-stock. The print will be suitable for framing in an 8x10 frame and will come signed by myself (if you so desire it.) The price is yet to be determined but I'm really only looking to make this deal pay for itself, so the price range will be between $15 and $20 (Canadian) which would include shipping. Email me: 13seconds at gmail dot com if you are interested in having a print of this strip.

An end to some things
August 20th, 2006

13 seconds has been a labour of love for me for many years now. It's had a dominant position in my creative endeavors since my first year in university (and that's a ways behind me now) and it has aided me in learning all sorts of good practices for cartooning and comic-making. What I want to say here is that with the end of this story arc, I plan to close the book on Volume 1 of the 13 Seconds story.

This arc is not over yet but it is close and while I have no plans to definitively stop making 13 Seconds comics I do plan on introducing a break in between Volume 1 and Volume 2.

What's all this talk about Volumes?

I have a very good idea where Volume 2 of 13 Seconds is going to go and it's going to be a far more cohesive story than what we've seen here in Volume 1. The fact is, I plan on working on a couple of other projects first before I begin writing and drawing and applying ink to the next volume of this story. I figure here is as good a place as any to mention what sorts of projects I will be working on in between Volumes 1 and 2 of 13 Seconds:

  • Gossamer Commons with Eric Burns (which is presently in stasis but will resume at some point)
  • A new project called Unreal City Tales with the very talented writing duo of David Milloway and Matthew Wood who currently write The Dada Detective.
  • And an as-yet unnamed comic written and illustrated by me featuring a band of super-heroes whose images you've seen here already.

A spot of colour here
August 13th, 2006

It's been a while since I last coloured a comic. I stopped colouring the comics because a) it was taking more time per comic than I wanted to and I was looking for ways to increase my output and b) because I was using the colour as a crutch and needed to let my inks stand on their own. I hope in this case, the colour makes sense and magnifies how significant I think this moment is for Wally and Marsha.

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