Fan Art

I'm happy to report that I do, in fact, receive fan art from time to time. Fan art makes me very happy so, by all means, if you have 13 Seconds fan art, send it in! I'll be sure to hoot, holler, and make a big noise about having received it. All fan art can be sent to the following address:

Charles Schneeflock Snow

Charles Schneeflock Snow the talented guy behind Sordid City Blues did this ultra-cool drawing of Wally and Duncan at the bar. (Click the image to see it full-size.)

Darren Hutchings

Darren Hutchings prepared this guest strip for me. Although clinically an adult and possessing no mental deficiencies that have been officially recorded, he is able to enjoy my comic on such a level as to create this kind of wonderful artwork.
Way to go Darren! Let's hope that you get that pie one day!

Jeanette Atwood

Jeanette Atwood, or "jatg" as I know her on LiveJournal, created this piece of fanart for me on my birthday. It rocked my world and made my day.
Jett is a prolific cartoonist having penned a very popular fancomic for the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess called "Battle On!", and another fancomic for the current TV show Battlestar Galactica called Frakking Toasters. Her big project currently, however, is a wonderful comic called Red Sparrow which is about a young 2nd-string super-hero trying to make a difference.

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen emailed me this awesome take on my characters. He does a really runny comic called Fantastical Bestiary over at ComicGenesis.

Guest Strips

I've been fortunate enough to lure some really talented people to draw my characters on occasion.

Charles Schneeflock Snow - Marsha's Law of Gravitation

My first guest strip ever was done by Charles Snow as a part of an art-swap. Charles did the art for a strip that I wrote and I did the same for him (see below). I'm pretty sure that's a charicature of himself chasing the booty-licious Marsha.

Greg Holkan - The Legend of Marsha (Part 1)

Greg Holkan is a super-guy who draws a comic about super-dudes. His comic [nemesis] is pretty great, I think. I came to actually know Greg personally, however, when I took over the art chores over at Gossamer Commons. Greg answered my call to do guest strips and didn't just make one, he made four!

Greg Holkan - The Legend of Marsha (Part 2)

Greg Holkan - The Legend of Marsha (Part 3)

Greg Holkan - The Legend of Marsha (Part 4)

Ryan Estrada - Knowledge comes with a pricetag.

Ryan kindly agreed to make a guest strip for me when I asked him. I was so happy that he dug up one of my favourite bit characters, Madame Mouska!

Charles Schneeflock Snow - What Kind of Woman.

Charles also answered my call to do a guest strip. Here he reveals a little bit more of Sheila's psyche in a way that really demonstrates his skill as a storyteller.

Fan Art & Guest Strips I've Done

Fan Art

Occasionally I have had the time to make fan art. If I did fanart for all the artists I admire, however, there'd be far fewer 13 Seconds strips in the archives right now!

I did this drawing of Red Sparrow for Jett Atwood.

Guest Strips

I have created pieces of fan art for other cartoonists that I respect. Some of them have even been used!

Count Your Sheep

Adrian "Adis" Ramos does the delightfully cute and sometimes touching comic called Count Your Sheep. He made a call for guest comics one day and I gladly complied. Afterall, there aren't a lot of comics that feature a sheep as a main character. This strip was run on July 6th, 2005.

Sordid City Blues

Charles Snow is the artist and writer behind Sordid City Blues. One day he and I decided to do an art swap in which he would write an episode of his comic for me to draw and vice versa. The results of my work can be seen on his site here. In turn, Charles did the artwork for one of my strips, Marsha's Law of Gravitation.

Fluff in Brooklyn

Colleen AF Venable put a call out for her 100th installment of her comic Fluff in Brooklyn and I happily contributed this piece to her celebratory comic (where you can see the comic in context.) Knowing how much she loves the noble giraffe, I was flattered she asked me to draw Trent.

Welton Colbert

It was Ryan Estrada's Birthday once and I did a strip featuring his popular character, Welton Colbert. You can see this strip on his site here.

Sordid City Blues

I did another guest strip for Charles Snow over at Sordid City Blues. This time I wrote and drew the comic based on some loose plot ideas that he provided. This strip appears in his archive here.