Links to other comics of note

This is a section of the site that is reserved for other comic sites that I have found and feel that you ought to know about and why.As there are a whole lot of comics out there on the net, it's nice to have someone point you in the direction of the noteworthy ones, I've found.

The following list is presented in no particular order:

Perry Bible Fellowship


Nicholas Gurwitch does this riotously funny comic featuring gorgeously drawn and meticulously coloured artwork.

The Dada Detective


Penned by David Milloway and Matt Wood and drawn by the talented Stephanie Freese, The Dada Detective is a great weekly noir comic about a Detective, a talking mime, and the exuberant Dr Victor Von Philogistein!



Greg Holkan's series about a world whose super heroes are being hunted and executed by a mysterious man wielding a pitchfork. Anyone who knows me knows that I like Greg's work a lot. I can't recommend [nemesis] enough for those who enjoy good storytelling and art in one package.

Wapsi Square


Wapsi Square has remained one of my favourite daily reads for the last year and a half. Paul Taylor's consistently well-written and beautifully-drawn comic has characters that really come to life. Taylor is one of the comic artists that I'm trying to learn from by observing his example.

Sordid City Blues


Sordid City Blues is written and drawn by Charles Snow. It's a wonderfully engaging graphic novel which means, in this case, that Charles is telling a story with a definite beginning, middle, and end. He's got me hooked so far with his realistic and interesting characters.

Hate Song


Hate Song is a great comic written and drawn by Fred Grisholm. The subject matter is from the East side of town (if you catch my meaning) so if you are uncomfortable with naughty words, reprehensible social arrangements, and openly exposed male nipples, this is not the comic for you. But seriously, read it, love it, Hate Song.

Red Sparrow


Jeanette Atwood is an animator that I became aware of through the magic of LiveJournal. Her comic "Red Sparrow" is (obviously) well drawn and funny. It's a very playful treatment of life as a super-hero living in relative obscurity. I love the premise for this comic and look forward to seeing more.

Sinister Bedfellows


Sinister Bedfellows is an unconventional webcomic that challenges you look, observe, and then laugh (usually). Those times when you are not laughing you are thinking and saying "Hmmm..." because this comic juxtaposes photography and text in some really great ways.



Chris Onstad's webcomic is called Achewood and has been called the Jazz equivalent of comic strips. It features an anthropomorphic cast drawn in a very distinctive style unique to Mr. Onstad. Achewood has great characterization that should not be missed. I'm serious. Even if you don't think you'll like it based on first impressions, give it a try, then give it another try, this acquired taste of a webcomic will earn your respect and make you laugh consistently.

Starslip Crisis


Starslip Crisis is a new webcomic by Kristofer Straub. It's about a starship that been converted into a space-faring art museum. I like Kristofer's writing so far and I'm waiting to see how this new comic develops.

Gossamer Commons


Gossamer Commons is a story-oriented comic about an average joe named Keith Onzeker who stumbles past the veil between the mundane world and the world of the fey. Written by Eric Burns and illustated by Greg Holkan.

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